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The service at T&E doesn't stop when your cattle reach market weight. Many of our customers hire us to manage the marketing of their cattle as well. We can market your cattle on live or rail basis. More importantly, we have the ability to negotiate "formula-based" marketing for your cattle - a specialized marketing technique that has proven to return premium dividends to cattle producers. At T&E, we know that profit is the reason our customers are in business - and our commitment to innovative marketing is one way we help our customers get the most out of their investment. Our years of experience - and our solid reputation among packers - provide our customers with a sound risk management service and hedging program to reduce any downside potential


After nearly six decades in the cattle feeding business, we've gained some valuable insights into the way different cattle perform on different feed rations.

At T&E, the first thing we do is look at the type and age of cattle you have,
determine how they can be expected to perform, and then set up a feeding program that will meet that goal.

While high quality Nebraska corn is a staple in our yard, it isn't the only option. Our location in America's heartland provides a wide variety of quality feeds including alfalfa hay, corn and sorghum silage, and others- without paying high transportation cost. Cattle fed at T&E have a proven history of performing well above regional averages in terms of average daily gain and cost of gain.


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